Rikolto's programme in East Africa aims at fostering sustainable food production and consumption, and to ensure a fair share for all by unlocking the sustainable farming potential of a critical mass of smallholder farmers. Reaching this critical mass can only be achieved through changes at the structural level through improvements of the institutional and business environment. In order to contribute to making sustainable production & consumption the new norm, Rikolto is applying a combination of three strategies:

  • Strengthening partner capacities for collective actions by improving farmer organisations’ technical, organisational and business skills, and facilitating market linkages between chain actors;

  • Fostering innovation by investing in innovative methodologies to promote new inclusive & sustainable business models and using technology to link consumers with safe food markets;

  • Supporting an enabling environment for East Africa smallholders and creating/reinforcing sustainability alliances and platforms.

Goals of new programme

  • Long term goal: In the next 5 years, Rikolto in East Africa aims to contribute to the development of a dynamic, sustainable and inclusive agricultural sector with family farmers providing quality produce for own consumption and for diverse markets (national, regional and international markets).

  • Specific objective: Horticulture and grains food chains in 3 regions of Tanzania and Uganda are sustainable and inclusive for smallholder farmers (m/f).

Key innovations

  • Structured trading systems which are inclusive:

Rikolto will work with apex business associations to develop attractive business models with the aim of stimulating an increase in smallholder farmer and off taker/buyer business collaborations. Innovative aggregation and trade models which target multiple markets including high potential export/regional value chains using these trading systems are expected to enhance inclusiveness and reduce risks for small holder farmers.

  • Flexible approaches for developing smallholder business models and organizations:

Rikolto will work with apex associations, business development service providers/innovators and others to find ways to stimulate the development of services for farmer business organisations. These services will be designed in line with Rikolto’s experience that a flexible approach is required to ensure regular diagnostics, such as Scope Insight, are conducted to inform the next phase of support required for a farmer business organisation.

  • Market incentives for sustainable production and consumption approaches:

Rikolto will work with apex associations and private sector to innovate around low-cost market driven systems which stimulate sustainable production and consumption practices. This will include promoting good agricultural practices, working on safe food systems for cities, starting with Arusha (Tanzania), through collaborative design with farmer organizations, local market retailers and ethical companies. Finally, piloting irrigation systems for a variety of market opportunities and landscapes.