We're looking for FBO Capacity Development Consultants in the Southern Highlands

We're looking for FBO Capacity Development Consultants in the Southern Highlands

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TOR: Capacity Development for Farmer Business Organisations and Cooperatives in Iringa, Njombe, Mbeya, Songwe and Katavi

Please submit one application per region and use the annex for your reference when writing your proposal


Rikolto works to support actors in food systems to unlock their potential to feed the world while simultaneously taking care of the environment. We seek to strengthen the capacities of our partners to harness the dynamics of various food chains with a focus on both formal and informal markets. Our target beneficiaries are farmers, traders and consumers, youth, women and men. Smallholder farmer organizations, private sector businesses and cities are key actors we work with to achieve the desired changes in the food system.

Among of the strategies Rikolto uses to unlock potential, is strengthening the capacity of farmer business organizations and cooperatives to become strong and viable business organizations/partners that can actively engage as key players in the value chain. Before undertaking any capacity development plan, Rikolto uses the SCOPEinsight tool to assess the level, capacity and gaps of farmer business organizations and cooperatives to develop a better capacity development plan based on the SCOPEinsight results. This is an important assessment tool which helps the professionalization of farmer business organizations and cooperatives.

Rikolto in East Africa secured funding from the European Union under the AGRI-CONNECT programme for a 4-year horticultural project in Tanzania, which aims to improve and increase market competitiveness in the sector supplying both domestic and international markets. This will run from 2020 to 2024 covering the Southern Highlands of Tanzania especially Iringa, Njombe, Mbeya, Songwe and Katavi. Among other things, Rikolto wants to professionalize farmer business organizations to become active and reliable business partners.

Professionalization of Farmer Business Organizations in the Southern Highlands

Rikolto is currently working with a number of Farmer Business Organizations (FBOs) in Iringa, Njombe, Mbeya, Songwe and Katavi. The professionalization of FBOs aims at ensuring that these organizations are becoming strong business partners and that they are able to support members’ businesses to be more profitable, more sustainable, and better linked to markets. As for this assignment, the focus is to professionalize the 22 farmer organizations and cooperatives indicated in the table below. For better understanding of the challenges of these farmer organizations, we have attached a sample of SCOPEinsight assessment reports in the annex, which can be used to write your proposal.

No. FBO Region Village
1 Kikundi cha wakulima skimu ya umwagiliaji Imalabantu Songwe Igamba
2 Kikundi cha wakulima skimu ya umwagilaji Ulundambulu Songwe Igamba
3 Kikundi cha wakulima skimu ya umwagilaji Mbulumtowo Songwe Igamba
4 Umoja wa wakulima wa parachichi Mbozi (UWAMAMBO) Songwe Igamba/Mlowo
5 Umoja wa wakulima wa parachichi Mbeya (MBEAFA) Mbeya Mbeya
6 Umoja wa wakulima umwagiliaji Iganjo Mbeya Iganjo, Mbeya city
7 Kikundi cha mboga mboga tupambane Mbeya Iyawaya
8 Kikundi cha Green House Mbogamboga Mbeya Lufilyo
9 Mbeya strawberry farmer group Mbeya Ilomba
10 Umoja wa wakulima wa Umwagilaji Tenti Mbeya Nsalaga
11 Umoja wa wakulima wa Umwagilaji Ntundu Mbeya Nsalaga
12 Kilimo na lishe group Mbeya Iganjo
13 Umoja wa wakulima wa parachichi Rungwe (UWAMARU) Mbeya Rungwe
14 Isowelo AMCOS Njombe Mtwango ward
15 Itambo Irrigation scheme Njombe Itambo
16 Itowo Irrigation Scheme (Nguvu Kazi Group) Njombe Itowo
17 Kikundi cha wakulima Isalavanu Iringa Isalavanu
18 Kikundi cha wakulima Nyanya na Vitunguu Ruaha Iringa Ruaha Mbuyuni
19 Kikundi cha wakulima Nundwe Iringa Nundwe
20 Kikundi cha wakulima Matanana Iringa Matanana
21 Katavi Empowerment and Enterprises Development Organization (KEEDO) Katavi Makanyagio
22 Umoja wa umwagiliaji Kilida Katavi Kilida

Business development consultants’ assignment and assignment methodology

Rikolto requires Business Development Consultants to undertake capacity building, mentorship and coaching of farmer business organizations and cooperatives based on the weaknesses and gaps identified in the SCOPEinsight assessment. Capacity building will be carried out through developing a capacity development plan jointly with the farmer business organizations. The consultants are advised and recommended to use more coaching and mentorship and fewer classroom trainings / sessions. The consultant is expected to prepare work plans for the delivery of training sessions and the subsequent coaching sessions based on the TOR and the detailed capacity development plan.

The training and coaching should be specifically looked at through the lens of the association’s business objectives as stated in the value propositions, business plan and constitutions. The training plan should consider seasonality as it is important to ensure that the training programme does not disrupt the farming activities. Coaching sessions will be designed to have the foreseen impact and therefore the expected participants in the sessions will vary according to their responsibilities in the day-to-day operations of the association. Rikolto believes that on-the-job coaching can be very effective and deepen the impact. Some sessions can therefore be delivered within business planning or membership meetings.

Scope of work

The detailed assessment of the assignment is contained in the capacity development plan. The scope of work includes but is not limited to the following.

Internal Management / Governance

As identified in SCOPEinsight assessment. The governance system of associations/cooperatives seem to be weak with a lack of qualified personnel to run the organization. Currently, most of these organizations don’t have a manager to handle organizational functions. Usually it depends on group leaders to volunteer to conduct organization functions. As for this capacity development assignment, a consultant is required to do the following:

  • Support the organization to recruit and train a competent manager (if possible use young graduate Volunteers) to undertake organizational management functions. This can also be through capacity building for existing staff to undertake these managerial functions in the group.
  • Support the management committees to implement the developed business plan and business model by setting clear objectives, key performance indicators, and its means for evaluation to reflect the current situation.
  • Conduct Leadership and Management training to cooperative/association leaders for their understanding of their roles and performing leadership responsibilities accordingly.
  • Coaching and mentorship to management in the implementation of a developed personnel manual / Farmer operational manual.
  • Training and mentorship of the organization’s management committee to actively perform their functions effectively and efficiency.
  • Training and coaching to the Board of Directors to understand and actively perform their duties as stipulated in the constitution.
  • Develop a strong, good relationship between primary group management teams with the management.
  • Support organization management to establish a strong management system.
  • Support organizations as to how they can attract more members to be a strong farmer organization or cooperative through workable incentives.
  • Support the development of an organization membership data base with clear details of members.

Financial management

Results from scope insight has revealed weakness in financial management with poor financial management systems in place. The following are what need to be done but not limited to:

  • Support and coach organization managers and finance officers/committee in identifying and utilization of different sources of finance.
  • Coach and mentor organization manager and management in preparing organizational budget based on the organization’s resources.
  • Support organization managers and finance committee in better use of developed financial tools such as cash handling, cash inflow, book of accounts and book reconciliation etc.
  • Coach and mentor organization management on how to search, negotiate with financial institutions for access to agro-input loans.
  • Ensure the organizations are self-sustained with internal funds to run the organization and avoid dependency to development partners such as Rikolto.
  • Support the organizations to undertake internal and external financial audits as stipulated in their constitution and by law.


Access to market has been identified as among a critical area in most of these farmer organizations. The following list of tasks is required but not exhaustive:

  • Support the organization to enter contract agreement with local buyers/companies supplying fresh fruits and vegetables to local markets with a focus on supplying quality, safe food to local markets.
  • Support organizations to develop new export market channels by identifying new exporters and buyers and develop new contracts supplying fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Support farmer organization in development of an implementable marketing strategy.

Production and operations

SCOPEinsight has revealed challenges in production and operations. With this assignment, the following tasks are suggested but not limited to:

  • Work with organizations to develop a strong production base/ improve production capacity and focus on increasing production per unit area. Make better use of input companies by deploying technical personnel’s and agronomists in training farmers.
  • Support organizations as to how they can attract more membership to be strong farmer organization or cooperatives through workable incentives.
  • Support the development of organization membership data base with clear details of members.
  • Coach and mentor these organizations to enter agreements with input companies for collective purchase of inputs by farmers and possibly play an important role in buying and distribution of agro-inputs to primary groups depending on the needs of the members.
  • Support and coach the management committees on issues related to the management of produce supply from members, relation management with members who are suppliers, sourcing and management of quality of supply.


  • A progress report to be produced every three months of implementation of the assignment.
  • Recruited organization managers to take leadership and management functions of the association/cooperatives.
  • Improved organization management and governance system/leadership management.
  • Developed or established good financial system for better management of organization financial resources.
  • Improved production base and number of members supplying through cooperative or association.
  • Number of contracts/agreements with at least 2 new buying companies working with the organization.
  • Internal and external financial audit conducted for effective and efficient financial management of the associations/cooperatives.
  • The organization is able to access finance to serve its members by working with at least one financial institution by the end of 2021.
  • Increased scores through SCOPEinsight assessment tool as compared to baseline information scores.
  • Marketing strategy and business plan development for each of the cooperative/association based on the need of each of the organization.
  • Developed and strengthened relationship between the organization and partners.
  • Effective and efficient functioning of the cooperative or association.

Duration of the assignment

This assignment has been allocated for 54 man working days and redistributed 6 days per month for each farmer organization based on the developed and agreed workplan. Final submission of report is due by March 2022.

Requirements and procedure to apply

Qualified firms/candidates are invited to submit their Technical and Financial proposal, Methodology/ approach, and CVs via email eastafrica [at] rikolto.org by October 25, 2021 and should indicate “FBO Capacity Development Southern Highlands” in the subject line. Please indicate the region (one region per application) and the list of farmer organization to be coached and mentored in your application based on the list of farmer organizations /cooperative.

Annex: SCOPEinsight Assessments of the FBOs