Antwerp loves smoothies

Antwerp loves smoothies

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Get wasted ... on a smoothie!

This school year we experimented with offering smoothies and soup at several secondary schools in Antwerp. The smoothies and soup are made of vegetable and fruit surpluses. This is done through wonderful cooperation with Foodsavers of the city of Antwerp, delivered to the school gate!

The fact that they are made from food surpluses is the reason for a very accessible price. All of this is part of the Get Wasted project.

This year, EIT Food, Sense, Rikolto, Special Fruit, Growzer and Groothandel Claessens launched a collaboration to turn vegetable surplus into soup at schools with the city of Antwerp.

More about Get Wasted

Knowledge is power ... especially with food

Rikolto does not only offer the benefit of nutrition and taste, but also a digital course aid especially made for teachers. Schools that participate with the smoothies/soup can rely on this insightful digital course. This digital package is available from December, a few schools still have a chance that we bring it to the classroom itself!

A school can choose when the project starts, how many smoothies and soup there should be and how long the project should last. It's important that it is a feasible project for all partners.

"This is a win-win scenario - our students get healthy food at an accessible rate and at the same time we save food from the bin"

Dimitri Meurrens School Director IMS

Happy students happy school

Students in Flanders are environmentally conscious. They therefore see this project as a great addition for a more conscious lifestyle. "In those young years, future eating behavior is determined to a large extent. If you know how much food goes to waste and then you also learn how to make a tasty dish with surpluses, the solution is close at hand," says Myrthe Peijnenborg, of Rikolto.

Oh finally something healthy at school!

Student OLVC plus

In Belgium, would you like to participate with your school? Or do you have any questions? Shoot!

Send an email to Myrthe Peijnenborg or call Myrthe on (+32) 0479 50 06 13. The project 'Van buurt tot (school)bord' (translated: From neighbourhood to (school) plate) is a project in collaboration with Get Wasted.

This is a collaboration of Climate Fund Antwerp, EIT Food and Rikolto.

GoodFood@School is one of the 5 flagship initiatives in our Food Smart Cities programme. The ambition of the programme is to build bridges for sustainable, inclusive, and resilient food in cities

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