Call for enumerators for data collection in Mbeya and Songwe

Call for enumerators for data collection in Mbeya and Songwe

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Based on the Nutrition Survey (2018) there are very high levels of malnutrition (≥30%) in 15 out of 26 regions with the Southern Highland being amongst the most affected regions. Three of the regions in the Southern Highlands have a stunting prevalence exceeding 40%: Ruvuma (41.0%), Iringa (47.1%), Rukwa (47.9%), Kigoma (42.3%), Njombe (53.6%) and Songwe (43.3%) and in total approximately 3 million Tanzanian children of under five years of age are stunted.

MIICO - in collaboration with Rikolto with funding from European Union - has been doing various nutrition intervention activities to contribute to the reduction of malnutrition levels in the Southern Highlands. Amongst others, conducting nutrition awareness campaigns on the importance of high nutritious diets through radio programs was/is one of the intervention activities conducted. Through these programs, MIICO was able to create awareness on nutrition and health topics through the use of local radios. The programs involved designing nutritional topics based on key dietary guidelines and frequently asked questions from consumers. Nutrition and health professionals from government offices, NGOs and institutes were used to deliver the awareness needed to address the effect of malnutrition to our communities through live aired radio programs, where listeners were allowed to contribute to the topics through live phone calls and text messages. However, to measure the true impact of the activity on society, MIICO plans to conduct data collection activity for the radio programs conducted.

The designed mini-survey will provide true insight into the number of people who have been reached by the radio programs conducted, the expected behaviour change and the adoption of the obtained knowledge/awareness. The enumerators will be responsible for collecting data through designed questionnaires specific to radio programs conducted in Mbeya and Songwe regions.

Full Terms of Reference in pdf

Please read the full terms of reference before submitting your application.

Application instructions

The interested candidate should send an expression of interest to miico_cons [at] and a copy to eastafrica [at] through a one-page application letter with their names, address and phone numbers and why they think they are qualified for this data collection activity by 13th May 2022. You should also confirm your availability for five consecutive days from 17th May to 22nd May 2022.