TOR for city Market stall, Abattoir and Waste processing

TOR for city Market stall, Abattoir and Waste processing

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This term of reference is looking for 2-3 individuals or firms for the fulfillment of Lot 1- Lot 2 and Lot 3. The supplier (see section 7 for the qualifications required) will carry out the assignment with Rikolto, Mbale City and Mbale District Officials as supervisors, administering and managing the overall contract implementation.

Rikolto is an international network organization with more than 40 years of experience in partnering with farmer organizations and food chain stakeholders across Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America. The question that guides our work, is: What will we eat tomorrow? How can we guarantee that future generations retain access to affordable quality food, knowing that climate change, low prices and poverty are forcing more and more farmers from the land? Rikolto firmly believes that small-scale farmers, who produce 70% of our food worldwide, are a big part of the solution.

Background to the project

The infrastructure in the Markets, Abattoir and waste management in Urban food environments, can play an important role with respect to food and nutritional security, employment and livelihoods, and resource-use efficiency through, for instance, productive use of household and city organic waste streams as inputs for food production. It can promote education around responsible food consumption, strengthening city dwellers’ connection with the food they eat, while diversifying urban food sources and enhancing access to nutritious food, especially by the urban poor.

Project Goal

The AfriFOODLinks project, launched in 2022, is being implemented by 35 partners in Africa and Europe, under the coordination of ICLEI Africa, a global network of local and regional governments working for sustainable urban development. Rikolto, coordinating the AfriFOODlinks project in Uganda and specifically in Mbale city, The Afrifoodlinks project is funded by the EU and aims to improve food and nutrition security while delivering positive outcomes for climate and the environment, and building socio-ecological resilience in African cities and in this case Mbale city by promoting: i) healthy, sustainable diets from an urban food systems perspective; ii) urban food environment transformation through real-world experiments; iii) inclusive multi-actor governance to empower stakeholders with ownership and agency to shape their food systems and; iv) innovative, women- and youth-participatory agri-food businesses to support local value addition and inclusive economic participation.

Purpose of the assignment

Rikolto is therefore looking for 2-3 local individuals service providers or firms to carry out a short-term assignment from July to October 2024 to fulfil the LOTS below:

Lot 1: Construction and Renovation

  1. Improve central market food stalls: To improve the food market stalls (Smart Stalls) for beef, fruits & vegetables in Mbale city central market. The expected output is to have 150 smart stalls refurbished to meet the required standard for fruits and vegetables stalls

  2. Construction of a shade for cooking at Mbale central market. Under the supervision of the city engineer, construct one shade for cooking at Mbale central Market for the Food Vendors in the market.

  3. Improve the Food courts (eating place) in Mbale central market. Innovatively improve 2 designated eating places in the main market creating a conducive and attractive eating environment for customers.

  4. Improve Mbale city abattoir: To re-construct the fence and do general renovation of the existing city abattoir structure including painting.

Lot 2: Co-invest and Set up waste recycling Facility: To set up a functional biodegradable waste recycling technologies such as Black Soldier Fly (BSF) farming technology, Vermicomposting; to reduce the biodegradable waste from the main market and the city at an already identified site.

Expected Deliverables

The assignment will result in the following deliverables.

Lot1. Construction and Renovation

  1. One hundred and fifty (150) Improved market stalls.

  2. One cooking shade constructed at the Main market in a designated location by the City authorities.

  3. 1-2 Improved and fully furnished Food courts in Mbale Central Market

  4. Erected fence, around the city Abattoir and renovated structural building and painting.

Lot 2. Co-invest and set up of a waste recycling Facility

  1. Operational waste processing facility established at a designated location by city authorities

  2. Co-investment and sustainability plan for the smooth running of the Facility


12 weeks from the signing of the contract.

Qualification, Experience and competencies

The service provider for this assignment should have:

  1. Capacity and experience in designing market stalls

  2. Demonstratable relevant engineering/construction experience

  3. Capacity and experience in waste recycling and innovative organic technologies


The proposed budgets should be well delineated and rational including estimates for designing and developing and or erecting in the different Lots and lot segments (In the case of Lot 1). The proposed budget will form the basis for the negotiation of the final budget which will form part of the Agreement of Cooperation. The budget should be in Ugandan shillings.

Structure of the selection criteria

  1. Understanding of the TOR and ground assessment for assignment - 10%
  2. Proposed design and workplan with clear timelines - 20%
  3. Experience and capacity to do the assignment - 25%
  4. Experience and suitability of the team leader - 10%
  5. Cost of the exercise (breakdown) - 25%
  6. Contact details for 2 referees - 10%

Submission Modalities

An interested and qualified service provider is requested to submit a proposal by 28th June to eastafrica.procurement [at] mentioning Lot1 “Construction and Renovation ” or Lot 2 “ -invest and set up of a waste recycling Facility” in the subject line and detailing in the proposal the following:

Description of how the service provider will address the assignments. (Applicants MUST visit the sites in Lot 1 to do their ground assessment before completing their plans BOQs and general submissions)

Attach qualifications and company profile and capability of completing each lot segmented as A, B, C and D respectively for Lot 1 and Lot 2 respectively in respect to what you are applying for?

Evidence of similar assignments carried out in the recent past with reference addresses.

Confirmation ability to complete the assignment within working days.

Bill of quantity (Budget) indicating structural plans designs and pricing and per lot and a ll other involved costs in Ugandan shillings.