A call for Archor firms/SME/Food Buying Companies in Tanzania

A call for Archor firms/SME/Food Buying Companies in Tanzania

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A call for Archor firms/SME/Food Buying Companies in Tanzania

Background Information

Rikolto is an international NGO with more than 50 years’ experience in partnering with farmer organizations and food chain stakeholders across Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin America. Rikolto runs programmes in 17 countries worldwide through seven regional offices. Rikolto is ambitious in tackling one of the greatest challenges we face – ensuring that we have food systems that deliver for all of us in the future and that do not burden our planet more than it can bear. Therefore, we ask the question: “What will we eat tomorrow.

Rikolto through RUSOMBE consortia (BRITEN and Rotai) together with other implementing partners ( through Funding from AGGRA are Implementing a program named “Accelerating Innovation Delivery Initiative” to accelerate farmers' access to quality inputs and markets in Tanzania with a focus on Mbeya, Songwe and Ruvuma regions. The Grant to Rikolto seeks to accelerate the adoption of agricultural technologies to increase the sustainable production of key crops (Horticulture, Maize, Soya, Rice and Beans) through a market-led approach:

We are actively seeking to support anchor firms (Processors/aggregators/offtakers) interested in collaborating on the implementation of the "Accelerating Innovation Delivery Initiative" program. The initiative aims to accerelate enterprise development to expand service delivery to smallholder farmers with access to output market and quality inputs in Tanzania, with a specific focus on the regions of Mbeya, Songwe, and Ruvuma

We are seeking anchor firms (Processors/aggregators/offtakers) companies to submit.

  1. A letter of intent to collaborate with Rikolto and describing why interested:
  2. A proposal detailing Company background information, Company Supply chain information, Company business relationship with other stakeholder in the supply chain, Company compliance with national and international business regulations and a description on how the company adhere to quality standards during sourcing and supply.
  3. All these information need to be filled in the attached template: Company Matrix Template


Any anchor firms (Processors/aggregators/offtakers) companies operating in Tanzania, with a particular focus on those sourcing from the Southern Highlands. We are specifically interested in companies that have demonstrated a long-term commitment to collaborating with smallholder farmers for more than three years.

Procedure to Apply

Qualified firms/candidates are invited to submit their Company Matrix Template (See below) and CVs via email at eastafrica.procurement [at] rikolto.org by 5th May 2024 and should indicate the title Archor firms/SME/Food Buying Companies in Tanzania.