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Tanzania Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture (TCCIA) - Mbeya Region is a private sector association that was established in 1992 after its national establishment in 1998 with the support of the Tanzanian Government to strengthen the private sector. TCCIA works closely with different international organizations for several of its activities to strengthen the private sector in the region and also works closely with the Government of Tanzania for the same objectives.

Since 2020, TCCIA has been executing the Mbeya Food Smart City Project in partnership with Rikolto and the Mbeya City Council. The project aims to transform urban food environments, ensuring healthy and sustainable food for all. Funded by the European Union under the program 'Building Inclusive and Competitive Horticulture Businesses in Tanzania’s Southern Highlands', the project has established a multi-stakeholder platform (MSP) on food safety. Through stakeholder engagement, critical improvements in the physical environment where food is handled and sold have been identified as crucial to enhancing access to HSN (Healthy and Nutritious) food for Mbeyans.

Problem statement

A food risk assessment by Nelson Mandela University has revealed high contamination levels in fresh produce in Southern Highlands' public markets, including bacteria, biological agents, physical objects, and chemical contaminants. The lack of traceability of fruits and vegetables complicates identifying contamination sources. While efforts are underway to improve traceability, challenges persist at every step of the supply chain. In many of Mbeya's public markets, inadequate stalls and sanitary services hinder vendors from maintaining hygienic environments, exacerbating food contamination hazards. Thus, TCCIA, Rikolto and Mbeya City through funding from the European Union decided to support the construction of food stalls in Soweto, Sokoine and Igawilo markets to ensure a safe working environment for food vendors. After this initial small-scale work in the markets of Soweto and Igawilo, TCCIA and its partners are looking for a site engineer to follow up on a second stage of

work. The initial assignment involves project management and site construction of the works in the Igawilo market as described in the attached documents and drawings.


TCCIA aims to adopt a construction approach that allows the market to continue operations during the improvement works. This approach is chosen to ensure that vendors keep their business, their customers, and their deliveries in the same place and that the new infrastructure will be used by the intended beneficiaries. The site engineer is responsible for making sure construction works are going smoothly.

TCCIA is currently looking for a site engineer to

  • Review drawings, BOQ and specifications to identify potential problems or impossibilities; jointly with the construction team (TCCIA, Rikolto, Mbeya City Engineering Department) develop approaches to resolve these problems

  • Develop a realistic work plan for the construction works and ensure that the timing of the work plan is adhered to during construction.

  • Identifying the craftsmen for different jobs on the construction site and following up on the work of each craftsman and their subsequent payment. This includes the preparation of material lists for procurement which will be procured by TCCIA and Rikolto

  • Organise regular site meetings (weekly or bi-weekly) with the construction team so decisions, clarifications and solutions are made and communicated to all parties involved in an operational flow that does not delay the construction process.

  • Ensure daily market operations can continue and nuisance of construction is kept to a minimum; communicate on the timing of works and make agreements with vendor association representatives so vendors are properly informed when and how long specific works that impact their business are taking place

  • Provision of technical advice to the program team whenever changes or innovations are needed based on field lessons

Expected outputs

  • Review of construction drawings and specifications; to be done before the start of construction.

  • Workplan for construction site: timeline of works on site; to be done before the start of construction and updated during the construction process upon the request of the construction team if delays happen.

  • Preparation of procurement lists of materials in line with the construction work; the material lists should be prepared enough in advance to allow timely delivery of materials to not delay the construction process.

  • Organisation of site meetings with the construction team; ensuring the necessary people are invited for the meeting and writing meeting minutes of each site meeting in a site report. The site report will be distributed to all parties attending within 5 working days after the meeting and each report will be signed by at least representatives of a site supervisor and Rikolto for approval and acknowledgment.

  • Review of quality of work and compiling of the certificate(s) and documentation enable payment upon satisfactory completion of their work.

  • Provide technical advice to the program whenever changes or innovations are needed based on field lessons.

  • Produce final site report describing how the assignment was carried out, achievements, and recommendations for future projects.

Procedure to apply

Interested Candidates are requested to submit:

  • Technical and Financial proposals

  • Contact details for 3 referees including one from your last assignment

  • Submission of the application should not be later than 30th April 2024

  • Submission of the application should be sent through procurement.eastafrica [at] and copying info [at]