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The various initiatives that Rikolto has set up in recent years with and for young people are encouraging. What we have learned so far is that even the smallest steps we take with young people can be an example and inspiration for other young people. As Rikolto carries out and promotes more projects with young people, the number of stories will increase - stories about successes, setbacks, about lessons learned. But all these stories have one thing in common: they are the best way to enthuse more and more young people to participate in the right to good food for everyone.

Jimson Kivuyo, farmer, poet, musician and activist on a mission

Jimson runs the Kaizari farm, which is located at the foot of Mount Kijenge on the outskirts of Arusha. He is the third generation to continue this family business and he currently has a small herd of six dairy cows and three calves. On his farm he produces high-quality local dairy products.

The milk, yogurt, and herbal cheeses are offered for sale through two fixed points of sale and at farmers' markets and are also delivered to customers in Arusha by the electric scooters of eco-courier service GreenfootGo.

And nothing is wasted because the cow manure is processed into compost that is used to grow organic vegetables.

But Jimson is also above all a young entrepreneur with a mission, and he speaks out about it. Attention to the welfare of his animals, providing good and healthy dairy products to his customers in Arusha, caring for the environment and the climate, and paying attention to his historical and cultural identity are all values that this young man finds very important, and which he also proclaims:

“As a farmer and musician, I attach great importance to preserving our historical and cultural identity. Helping to ensure good and healthy food for the people of Arusha, now and in the future, that is my task.”

Jimson is one of the young entrepreneurs selected for Rikolto 's Generation Food project.

Hildagard Okoth, the coordinator of Rikolto's Arusha Food Smart City programme and responsible for the Generation Food project, which supports young entrepreneurs in the agriculture and food sector, says:

"I am really proud of the successful start that Generation Food has had here. The enthusiasm and dedication with which young people participate in this are extraordinary. The progress they have made since the start in August last year is impressive. The young entrepreneurs have been able to significantly upgrade their starting businesses, and the city council is also taking more and more initiatives to support this young entrepreneurship"

Hildagard Okoth Coordinator, Generation Food, Arusha

Farmer by day, musician by night

Jimson Julius Kivuyo, also known as GP,' farmer by day, musician by night', is how Jimson describes himself, with the broad smile that is so characteristic of him. Because in addition to being a dairy farmer, Jimson is also GP (Rowdix/O' Bikoto) who, together with his friends from MSTAAfrika, wants to convey a message of change, innovation, and hope to young people in Africa, and by extension the world, through music. He himself describes what he and his friends do as 'edutaining':

“I use art, music and culture as a tool to entertain and inspire young people across Africa. We want to make them aware of the potential they all have; we call on them to use that potential and seize the opportunities that arise. With our lyrics and music, we encourage them to use those opportunities, often situated in and around agriculture, to make change happen and get moving across the continent."

For example, Jimson was active with MSTAAfrika at World Cleanup Day in Arusha in September 2019.

Feeding a planet with more people in a sustainable and climate-friendly way? This requires a smart approach and innovative food concepts. Just right for dynamic entrepreneurs who see a revenue model in such a challenge. The Generation Food partnership lowers the threshold for them to go from idea to product. More about Generation Food.

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