Kickstarting an ambitious project with the EU to empower communities in Northern Uganda

Kickstarting an ambitious project with the EU to empower communities in Northern Uganda

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On 14 January 2020, our partner the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) signed an agreement with the European Union and the Government of Uganda to start a multifaceted project to enhance food and nutrition security, increase household incomes, and improve maternal and child nutrition and health in Northern Uganda.

The project is funded by the European Union through the Development Initiative for Northern Uganda (DINU). DINU is a partnership between the Government of Uganda and the European Union to support the consolidation of peace, stability, and socioeconomic development in Northern Uganda. The project focuses on over 50,000 households from the vulnerable farming households in the Lango and Teso sub-regions.

Together with Kilimo Trust, Rikolto will work to enable smallholder farmers of rice, cassava, and soybean to access the local and regional market. Rikolto will foster linkages and facilitate exchanges between farmers, companies processing the harvest, and buyers. These activities help smallholder farmers to overcome challenges like high production costs and low quality of produce.

Rikolto will support smallholder farmers in their farmer organisations and associations to earn decent incomes from their farming efforts. We will empower them to become reliable supply chain partners able to deliver competitive products in terms of price, quality, and quantity to private companies and other off-takers.

John Ereng Agribusiness Advisor at Rikolto in Uganda

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