The true cost of food: access to healthy & sustainable diets

The true cost of food: access to healthy & sustainable diets

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Rikolto and FoodUnfolded, a platform powered by EIT Food are organising the dialogue: THE TRUE COST OF FOOD - Access to Healthy & Sustainable Diets for Everyone, as part of the United Nations Food Systems Summit 2021!

Wednesday 16 June 2021 16:00 -18:30 CEST

The future we're aiming for

A world where everyone has access to a healthy, sustainable and affordable diet, without exploiting the people that work in our food system and our natural environment.

The question we'll be asking

How can we consider the environmental, social and human dimensions of value into food chains and make fair, healthy and sustainable food systems the new standard?

Join the dialogue!

Discussion groups will be focused on the impact of the true cost of food and hosted in 3 different languages: French, Spanish and English.

The aim is to hear the voices of young people, acting today for a real change in the food chain - consumers, farmers, researchers, policymakers, journalists, people in the industry!

Your voice in this dialogue is of great value for the agenda of the UN Food System Summit, taking place in New York City in September 2021. We will take notes during the dialogue – anonymous – and send our reports to the UN. By joining the Dialogue, you can help build a better future of food systems — a future that is strong, safe and fair for all.

Do you want to join the dialogue?

Register on the website of FoodUnfolded.