Want to see the face of change? Meet the Generation Food entrepreneurs!

Want to see the face of change? Meet the Generation Food entrepreneurs!

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Ine Tollenaers
Ine Tollenaers
Donor Communication Manager

Meet the Generation Food entrepreneurs: They are young, ambitious and the driving force behind food system change

Our food systems are in dire need of a new generation of innovators to make them more sustainable. Arusha’s food system is no different. Who better than young entrepreneurs to be the driving force behind the needed food system change? Buzzing with fresh and innovative ideas, young entrepreneurs have an enormous – often untapped – potential.

To harness this potential, Rikolto organised a Generation Food Hackathon in collaboration with Anza, Tanzania Horticulture Association and Arusha City Council. From 27 to 28 August, 160 young entrepreneurs assembled in Arusha to develop their business ideas and contribute each in their own way to a more sustainable food system.

From growing crops to processing to transportation and distribution, different ideas and innovations covering several aspects of the food system were brought to the table during the hackathon. Participants Chris Leopold and Johnson Jacka are good examples of the wide range of ideas. While Chris is experimenting with growing chilies and processing them, Johnson is connecting businesses with customers through environmentally sustainable deliveries on electric motorbikes.

With our 100% electric motorbikes, our business aims at empowering local businesses to efficiently and sustainably deliver their products to customers. At the hackathon, we learned a great deal about market needs and how our business can address them, from creating a clear value proposition to understanding and identifying target markets.

Johnson Jacka Managing Director at GreenFootGo

During the hackathon, each of these young entrepreneurs had the opportunity to develop their business idea with the guidance of coaches. The hackathon also provided a platform for networking with other participants as well as other inspiring young entrepreneurs with an established business in and around Arusha.

The hackathon was a rewarding event that provided me with extensive insight and knowledge on business planning. It created a great atmosphere allowing young entrepreneurs to connect and exchange ideas among themselves and some major players in the industry that were present.

Chris Leopold CEO at Yields of Afrika

What's next?

With so many brilliant ideas on the table, the Generation Food project will offer 75 hackathon participants the opportunity to participate in a two-week bootcamp with intensive training on business development. Let's see what they are up to next.

Watch this space for more updates about this exciting project!

Pictures by Anza