A Consultant needed to develop an ICT database.

A Consultant needed to develop an ICT database.

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The agriculture sector in Tanzania still faces multiple constraints, core amongst which is the lack of accurate information on production particularly, the number of farmers engaged in production of crops, their acreage, and yield. The absence of information about the details of the farmers and their activities results into challenges to offer effective services to support them since it becomes difficult to accurately know and plan for needed services. Among the services required is access to credit facilities and good market access. Financial institutions require detailed information about the farmers, their farm businesses and activities of their farmer organizations. Large-scale produce buyers too become hesitant to commit to purchasing from farmers as they lack credible information on their ability to meet their supply demands. These factors lead to farmers’ failure to access financial services and effective markets for their produce

Rikolto is an international organization which has operated in Tanzania for 40 years supporting various beneficiaries who are the farmers, traders, consumers and cities. Globally, Rikolto works to transform food chains an ensure food is produced with respect for people and planet by supporting collective actions, innovations and better ways for actors in food chain to realize their potentials to feed the growing population while caring the nature. In the the current programme, which is phasing out in 2021, the organization has a programme that aims to contribute making horticulture, grains and pulse sector and grains food chains become more sustainable and inclusive for smallholder farmers in Tanzania. Rikolto in Tanzania has adopted a cluster development approach for promoting innovations that are scalable and replicable by supporting farmer business organizations (FBOs) to engage in clusters and value chains.

Programmes focuses to build a strong and professional business farmers organization that can suitably engage key actors in value chains and extend service delivery to members. To attain this, Rikolto in Tanzania requires a service provider to develop ICT Data base for farmer business organizations to collect and analyse data. It is expected that, the ICT platform will enable the FBOs to act effective in value chains, management of organizations effectively and provide innovative and adoptive substantial services to respective members.

Requirements from the Consultancy

The purpose of this ToR is to develop ICT database for FBOs; in Rice, Horticulture and pulses. In addition, generate a master list/ database of profiled farmers and their organization for all FBOs.

Scope of Work

  • Develop FBO data collection tools that fitting farmers requirements and linked to Rikolto program indicators.

  • Develop data base which will Profile farmers and their organisations include size of the farm, name and contact of the farmer, from crop calendar support the association to develop harvesting chart, and forecast of the expected volumes, marketing strategy that has collective marketing plan and market information systems with clear quality management per buyer.

  • Develop database which will include asset register, buyers (local and export), prices list at the markets and embedded costs that define price at organization level

  • Develop database which will provide information on seasonal projection, aggregated volume, total sold produce and remains in the stores.

  • Develop data base which profile all stakeholders and partners working with Farmer organization

  • Develop Data base which will help in analysing FBO financial data including financial statements etc

  • Develop database for narrative including interesting story, challenges, opportunities etc also, automatic report generation at FBO level.

  • Work together with M&E officer to link your system with Rikolto data collection and monitoring systems

Expected Deliverables

  • Developed database to farmer organizations in Kilimanjaro, Manyara and Arusha.

  • A master list/ database of profiled farmers and their organization for 5 FBOs

  • Farmers leaders and their management knowledgeable on how to access and utilize the developed ICT database.

  • Financial institutions and off-takers respectively have access to the accurate and timely information from FBOs and use it to determine their credit worthiness and ability to supply and sustain output markets.

  • Primary data collection tools developed to enable FBO to collect data on Production & marketing for inputting in the master template.

Duration of the Assignment

  • This assignment is expected to be concluded in approximately period of 20 days based on scope of work and expected deliverables and the service provider will be expected to deploy the necessary work teams.

  • The service provider is expected to deliver a mid-task report within 10 days based on scope of work and expected deliverables for review by Rikolto and a final report at the end of the contract.

Conditions of Payment

The total amount to be paid shall be agreed upon in advance, and reflected in the contract, together with the payment schedule. Administrative costs will be paid directly by Rikolto according to Rikolto policies.

Application Procedures

Qualified firms/candidates are invited to submit their proposal, including work plan, methodology/ approach, budget (daily rate and total fees, breakdown of administrative costs/reimbursable ). Curriculum Vitae which shows track record in doing similar assignments. The applications to be submitted to Tanzania Country Manager through email address eastafrica [at] rikolto.org

Deadline to receive application will be on Friday 2nd June 2019