Tender for Proposed drilling of borehole to support school garden in Songwe, Katavi, Iringa and Njombe Regions

Tender for Proposed drilling of borehole to support school garden in Songwe, Katavi, Iringa and Njombe Regions

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1. Background

Rikolto, an international network organization, with over 40 years of experience in fostering partnerships across the food chain, is embarking on a 4-year horticultural program in Tanzania's Southern Highlands. The program, named "Building Inclusive and Competitive Horticulture Businesses in Tanzania’s Southern Highlands (BICHOBS)," is generously funded by the European Union under the AGRI-CONNECT Programme, focusing on improving market competitiveness in the horticultural sector from 2020 to 2023.

Rikolto and its partners (MIICO and Inades Formation) are actively contributing to the reduction of malnutrition and stunting rates by increasing the consumption of highly nutritious diets through the involvement of women and youth in the sustainable, nutrition-sensitive horticulture value chain in targeted regions. This is achieved through a comprehensive approach, including training on the significance of a rich-nutritious diet, enhancement of extension services and provision of inputs to farmers, adoption of innovative production technologies, increased participation of youth and women in the horticulture value chain, public nutrition campaigns through mass media, distribution of seedlings, and creating consumer awareness through leaflets, home gardens, billboards, cooking shows, school nutrition clubs, and school gardens.

2. Project Location:

Songwe Region, Katavi Region, Njombe Region, and Iringa Region.

3. Regions Overview

Songwe, Katavi, Njombe, and Iringa collectively have a population of 4,580,319 (according to the August 2022 Census report) and are renowned for their production of leafy vegetables, fruits, and spices. Despite this, households and farmers in these regions encounter malnutrition challenges due to a lack of nutrition knowledge and insufficient consumption/uptake of vegetables and fruits.

4. Rationale for the Activity

The initiative aims to address malnutrition challenges identified in a 2018 study and national nutrition statistics, highlighting a high rate of stunting in specific regions: Iringa 56.9, Njombe 50.4, Songwe 31.9, Katavi 32.2. Rikolto, in collaboration with partners MIICO and Inades Formation, seeks to contribute to reducing malnutrition levels by imparting nutrition knowledge to schools. The goal is to ensure the accessibility and availability of fruits and vegetables in schools and households across Mbeya, Songwe, Katavi, Iringa, and Njombe regions. The program includes drilling water wells/boreholes in selected schools facing water shortages, establishing and continuing to support school gardens, and strengthening school nutrition clubs.

5. Tender for Drilling of School Garden Borehole

Rikolto invites eligible contractors to submit quotations for the proposed drilling of boreholes in Songwe, Katavi, Iringa, and Njombe. The objective is to enhance water availability in schools for irrigation, thereby promoting the cultivation of vegetables and fruits in schools. The tendering process will adhere to open competitive procedures as outlined in Rikolto's procurement guidelines and Tanzanian law.

6. Table of the schools

S/N Name of School Ward Council Region
1 Chikanamlilo Secondary School Ndalamo Momba Songwe
2 Sume Secondary School Mkwajuni Songwe DC Songwe
3 Mgombe Primary School Utende Mlele DC Katavi
4 Mgera Primary School Kiwele Iringa DC Iringa
5 Itunduma Primary School Mtwango Njombe DC

7. Documents Required for Bidding

8. Tender Submission

Interested bidders are required to complete the set of bidding documents in English. The submission, which should include a cover letter expressing interest, a bill of quantities (BOQ), references for similar assignments, valid company registration, tax clearance, tax identification number, and details of proposed qualified engineers, should be sent via email to eastafrica.procurement [at] rikolto.org before Friday, December 13, 2023, at 17:00 Hrs. The tender opening is scheduled for December 14, 2023, from 12:00 to 13:00 pm.

9. Note

Late tenders, partial tenders, tenders submitted via post, or those not opened publicly during the tender opening ceremony will not be evaluated, regardless of circumstances. Additionally, no physical documents will be received, and only qualified bidders will be contacted.