TOR: To Enable Youth and Women to Venture in Agribusiness (New generation Food Accelerator program) in Mbeya, Songwe and Ruvuma region through a Training, Coaching and Mentoring Approach.

TOR: To Enable Youth and Women to Venture in Agribusiness (New generation Food Accelerator program) in Mbeya, Songwe and Ruvuma region through a Training, Coaching and Mentoring Approach.

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TERMS OF REFERENCE: To Enable Youth and Women to Venture in Agribusiness (New generation Food Accelerator program) in Mbeya, Songwe and Ruvuma region through a Training, Coaching and Mentoring Approach.

Background Tanzania is on the 10th place in the world in terms of the share of young people. It is important therefore to have a special focus for this substantial part of the population to ensure that they have employment access in various sectors of the economy. This includes the agriculture sector, which employs most of the population in developing countries like Tanzania.

While the agricultural sector is by far the sector that provides productive employment opportunities for most of the population (it employs nearly 80% of the labour force) and only 0.2% of the working-age population is trained in agricultural occupations. Young people are increasingly turning away from the agricultural and agri-food sector. However, the involvement of youth is essential in maintaining the dynamism of the agri-food sector which extends from production through processing to marketing and ensures a supply of high-quality nutritious products in thriving resilient local food systems.

Young people aged 15-34 already make up 65 percent of the labour market. Each year approximately 800,000 young people enter the Tanzania workforce to an estimated 40,000 formal sector jobs and the number of job seekers is going up each year particularly in rural areas. To grow the economy by using its large youth population and taking advantage of the “demographic dividend”, Tanzania must adopt new approaches to skills development, employment and entrepreneurship among Youth.

Rikolto in East Africa together with its consortium partners (Britan and Rotai) secured funding for a one-year programme in Tanzania called “Accelerated innovation delivery initiative (AID- II)”, which aims to Accelerating Farmer Access to Quality Inputs and Markets in Tanzania with focusing on Mbeya, Songwe and Ruvuma regions" The program is aligned with Rikolto’s global ambitions on food system thinking, sustainable sourcing landscape approach, inclusive business, evidence for Impact.

There is a need for coaching, mentoring, technical and financial support on young entrepreneurs’ business plans and ideas as that is the key to provide equal opportunities for both young women and men in five regions of Southern Tanzania. By engaging the youth and women in environmentally sustainable production of safe foods, highly nutritious diets and crop diversification, malnutrition in the Southern Highlands will be reduced while respecting ecological boundaries and improving the agricultural landscape of the regions. As such, this program will contribute to improving the performance of Tanzania’s agriculture sector ( for Rice , beans, Maize, soya beans and horticulture value chains ), the inclusion of smallholder farmers, job creation, facilitating input and output market linkages, last mile delivery of extension services and National food security as the overall project objective.

Description of the Assignment

Rikolto through AID -II Pgrogram focuses on Inclusive Business Models development (coaching, mentoring and inspiration), knowledge (access to experts and practical field education) and market facilitation (access to markets) for young women and men in the Agribusiness. Particular attention goes to facilitating access to quality inputs and equipment’s, Resilient supply of nutrient-dense, climate-smart varieties ( Horticulture, Rice, Soya, Maize, Beans), access to market for produced products.Therefore, Rikolto together with RUSOMBE Consortium member are looking to supports the development of youth Agri- business business/Agripreneurs ventures ( Rice, horticulture, soya, maize and Beans) that link agribusinesses to financial institutions and to matching grants for a selected number of successful and promising young agribusinesses.

The process

  1. Recruitment: wide-range recruitment of youth-led business proposals in the horticulture sector (with focus on young female entrepreneurs) through media communication campaign and easily accessible application process such of LGA network. Screening and selection of promising Horti-business proposals equally spread across the targeted regions.
  2. Bootcamp: intensive short-term regional training programs for up 20 youth ( Ruvuma, Mbeya, Songwe) youth-led businesses to improve their business models and products. Trainings, workshops, and inspiration sessions by business experts to give the young entrepreneurs tools to grasp the basics of good business in an inclusive and eco-sustainable way. During a selection moment with panel of experts judging, the most interesting businesses across the 3 regions will be selected to participate in the entire program.
  3. Coaching and Mentorship program: one-on-one mentorship and in-depth support to help the businesses further develop their business plan and structure, reviewing budgets for matching funding. On the other hand, both technical and financial support is provided to target and improve earlier identified issues, allowing to grow into a viable enterprise that is ready to attain investment from public and private sector (impact and commercial investors).

Rikolto is looking to engage a consultant(s) to manage such agri-food/Agribusiness program that inspires and supports 20 youth agri business. The incubation program strives for innovative and sustainable solutions that enable youth and in particular women to significantly participate in the agriculture sector and contribute to local, inclusive, resilient, and healthy food systems in three regions of southern Tanzania.

Objective of the Assignment

The consultant (s) will plan and implement the Training, Coaching and mentorship program according to the description provided above. The consultants will run the program fitting to achieve the larger objectives of the AID II Program and to improve financial literacy and business development for youth and women and to stimulate the establishment and professionalisation of (female) youth-led businesses that contribute to more inclusive and sustainable food systems Mbeya, Songwe and Ruvuma

There is a need to come up with actions to link promising agribusinesses to financial markets and stimulate businesses to achieve a level of professionalism that makes them ready for such investments. Simple but bankable business plans should be developed and linked to access LGAs funds or loan from financial institution for matching grants.
If some young Agri-entrepreneurs cannot realize their ambitions via traditional finance channels, there is the need for the consultants to come up with actions that will develop their potential by providing co-investment opportunities.

Scope of work

The consultant(s), with the support of Rikolto and their partners will lead in the whole course of undertaking the assignment. The scope of work includes and is not limited to the following:

  1. To build upon the short incubation model, refining the model by integrating lessons learned from Generation food program, to ensure support of youth (total of 20 women and men) Agripreneurs from three regions. To develop and implement a set of easy tools, consistent selection criteria and transparent assessment throughout the proposed 4-step incubation process.
  2. To support youth in the three regions of the Southern Highlands of Tanzania to develop business plans, business canvas, visioning, financial and administrative management, accounting, sustainable resource management, quality control, strategic planning, and linkages with other actors in the sector.
  3. To mentor and coach youth in starting and growing their own Agri business.
  4. To implement all aspects of coaching, mentoring and feedback model on the youth’s business plans and ideas whereby it is key to provide equal opportunities for both young women and men in the five mentioned regions of Southern Tanzania and stimulate inclusive youth employment in these businesses. This may involve producing sustainable, high-quality food, or produce seedlings, provide BDS, facilitate market and/or finance access, aggregate and distribute healthy and sustainable food, process and/or ecologically packs food, especially horticulture from smallholder farmers.
  5. To facilitate youth to access critical resources for their businesses, including all necessary business compliances (Business registration, Business Licence) other resources such as capital, technical, legal and business knowledge, market and a professional network.
  6. To support and build a stimulating environment to develop soft skills (resilience, leadership, collaboration) and ensure youth acquire exposure to successful agribusinesses and entrepreneurs and enable the promising young entrepreneurs to learn from more experienced peers within the country.
  7. To tailor and implement the training program to provide financial literacy, business development and matching grants for women and youth to become successful agribusiness. The support will focus on getting selected businesses from the final phase ready for investment from public and private sector and for matching grants.

Expected Deliverables

The consultant(s) will be expected to ensure the following deliverables are in place as a proof of their successful completion of the task:

  1. An inception report and presentation which shall be presented before the start of the assignment to introduce the approach, training, coaching and mentoring program and getting to understand all relevant tools to be used for the assignment.
  2. Inception report clearly outlining how the assignment will be carried out with approach to be used. The report will outline the key tools used during the incubation trajectory and establish the detailed criteria that will be used for the selection of youth that will be trained.
  3. Objective selection of youth according to the criteria that support the program’s objectives and proper documentation/reporting of these selection processes.
  4. Training, coaching and mentoring of these youth. Rikolto expect to receive a well-planned training, coaching and mentorship program of which it should be agreed before execution.
  5. Conduct due diligence for selected youth businesses, review of youth business plan, work plan and budgets preparing them for matching grants and financial linkages.
  6. An operational action plan that will be used to link trained youth agri business with experts in the field and with the financial sector. This includes the development and implementation of an accessible financial model for matching grants for selected youth and coordinating due diligence and proper accountability for the youth to be able to receive the grants.
  7. A financial proposal for the whole assignment that includes costs for professional fees, materials and other associated costs /training, mentoring and coaching.
  8. The final handing over report after the training, coaching, mentoring,and disbursement of matching grants.

This assignment is to be completed within a maximum of 4 month, with full disbursement and retirement of the matching grant finalised by July 2024.

Qualifications and Experience

  • Companies (s) / team or an individual with master’s degree in social sciences, Agriculture economics, Business Administration, economics, or equivalent qualification.
  • Individuals or companies with experience of running entrepreneurship and business incubation programs for women and youth in Tanzania.
  • Proposed consultant team Must have a minimum of 7 years of overall experience conducting business consultancies, especially agriculture related projects.
  • Good understanding of facilitations approaches/Market System Development (MSD)
  • Familiarity and understanding of agribusinesses and demonstrated knowledge and professional experience in developing agribusiness financial models, incubators, business and strategic plans with a clear track record.
  • Experience in conducting Business ToT’s, B2B meetings, preferably on agriculture themes
  • Demonstrated experience of working in donor funded projects under public sector and /or NGO’s.
  • Ability to engage private sector and policy makers both at National and local level.
  • Excellent analytical, interpersonal, communication and reporting skills both in English and Swahili.

Procedure to apply:

Interested and qualified consultants are requested to submit a proposal to recruitment.eastafrica [at] by 28th March, 2024 6pm East Africa Time, detailing the following.

  • An application cover letter describing the interest in undertaking the assignment.
  • A detailed proposal of how the consultant will address the above objectives.
  • A proposed budget for the program, consultancy fees and other costs for the program.
  • A proposed work plan for the program.
  • Qualifications of the consultant and team (attach CV).
  • Similar assignments conducted in the recent past.